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Thread: TGIF[R-S]: New Tires, Faster Car

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    TGIF[R-S]: New Tires, Faster Car

    “The car just comes alive with a nice set of tires.” Those are the words of Toyota VP Bob Carter, which were ringing in my ear after a chat I had with him at the Detroit Auto Show in January.

    Eager to test his theory I sourced a set of wheels and tires for my FR-S, and after a long winter, swapped out the winter setup. Those basic looking steel wheels, and the Vredestein winter tires that turned my little Scion into a mountain goat during the cold season are now safely in hibernation for the rest of the year.

    The stock wheels aren’t particularly ugly, but they aren’t nearly as modern or aggressive as the car itself. Solving that are a set of AXIS Xplode rollers we picked up, which are available exclusively through Tire Rack. You can see AXIS’ great selection of wheels right here.
    Want to know how much of a difference a new set of tires can make? Will new grippy tires completely transform the Scion FR-S' handling? Read all about it at

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    When I read the reviews before I bought mine, I came away with the impression that the car is sold with slippery tires on purpose, to ramp up the fun. And simply replacing the tires would completely change the personality. And that is EXACTLY what I experienced. I loved sliding around on those noisy (screeeeeeech!) tires, but when I slapped those Bridgestone R11A's on the car, it utterly changed its personality. Talk about agressive. Sheesh.

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    Sliding around on those noisy (screeeeeeech!) tires sounds like fun and a great marketing ploy, but in Virginia, law enforcement takes a very dim view of it (reckless driving). Moreover, not to rain too hard on any parades, in terms of safety we got no business driving that way on a public road. Just saying...

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    Ironically in the extreme, out here in the hyper-legal state of California I wish we had one iota of the clamp down on excessive noise, exhibition of speed, etc., laws as your state and others have. There's virtually zero enforcement here in California, and this coming from a freedom and liberty minded kind of guy. Just a personal comment.

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