The Scion FR-S might get more juice from the factory through a hybrid system, pushing the lightweight sports car’s potential.

A faster version of the Toyota GT86/Scion FR-S was bound to come, and while TRD is going to offer a supercharger kit for the car, chief engineer Tetsuya Tada says that the company is exploring the possibility of a KERS regenerative braking hybrid system.

“I think 300 hp with a turbo and 200g/km of CO2 would be tasteless in this day and age. And a turbo would mean the loss of the GT86′s uniqueness,” Tada told Top Gear. ”…We’re looking at a next-generation hybrid. More like the TS030 Le Mans Prototype. We’re looking into that possibility.”

The TS030 that he is referring to is Toyota’s Le Mans race car, which uses regenerative braking to store power when the car is being slowed, and then deliver that power in the form of torque when the race car powers down a straightaway.

“Toyota wants to make things accessible. The capacitor is appropriate technology, but it’s not as lightweight as you might think, and it’s expensive,” said Tada, eluding to the fact that the technology may not be ready yet for the car. ”Well it might get better. The rate of improvement in the electronics industry is very fast compared with the car industry,” he finished.

He also admitted that Toyota already has a working prototype of a KERS setup GT86, though based on the weight gain and price, the technology won’t find seat in the marketplace for some time.

[Source: Top Gear]

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