First winter with the FRS.

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Thread: First winter with the FRS.

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    First winter with the FRS.

    Well according to the Farmer's Almanac we are heading for a cold. snowy winter, just like last winter here in Ohio. I grew up way before your time driving rear wheel drive cars in New England winters. Put a 45 pound barbell plate in the trunk, slap on some winter tires and go!
    This will be my first winter with the Scion and wanted to pass along my last experience winter driving a RWD car. It was 7 years ago in Brookfield Wisconsin. I was in town for a 3 month contract. It started snowing the day I arrived and I never one saw a blacktop road, they were always white.
    I was driving the 4253 pound Dodge Charger RT and without winter tires it was basically a giant sled. It was not fun. So I went out and got some Blizzaks and slapped those on and the Charger went from sled to snowmobile!! I man it would blast through anything. Amazing.
    So going with the Blizzaks on the FRS this winter.

    Still a litle concerned about that low ground clearance though.

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    Let us know how your FRS does with those tires.
    And yeah, ground clearance may be an issue.
    Hope all goes well.

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    Hi SnowCrash7,

    I was raised in a Mid-Atlantic state and like you, I remember loading weights in the trunk and mounting snow tires on the back end for better traction. Did it work? Ehh...Sometimes yes and sometimes no, but it sure was exciting!

    In any event, your experience with snow driving (Green Bay Rules!) surpasses anything I had to deal with and was hoping you might comment on winter tires made by Michelin or Nokian. Thanks in advance.......

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    The BLizzaks snow tires were a help but were not nearly as effective as the Blizzaks on the Charger. Nature of the Best I presume.

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    I also winter drive in the bad winters here in Toronto Canada. I'm on OEM rims wrapped with michelin Xi-3. Never had a problem when it came to grip. Rarely slipped and felt pretty safe for the most part.

    The problem was just ground clearance. After a heavy snowfall, I'm basically shovelling snow for the city. That's about the only problem I had in the winter.
    RYO - 2014 Firestorm FR-S - Canada

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    Ehh...Sometimes yes and sometimes no , but it sure was exciting!

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