My buddy is going through a slight mid-life crisis. He's a couple years shy of 40, has a good job and all that. No kids, no ball and chain. His old A4 stopped shifting one day and he decided to quit sinking money into it. Someone saw his Craigslist ad and hauled away the A4 within a few days. Pressed for time, he test-drove a handful of compact SUVs and asked me my opinions.
As my other colleagues have noted, it's sometimes fun to be the car oracle among your friends. But it's also fraught with unwanted responsibility. You want to advise, but can't guarantee the result. Said friend eventually found himself a lightly used CR-V and loves it. Does everything he needs: good mileage, plenty of space for instruments and the PA.
But now he's got it in his head that he needs a cool car, the weekend machine. He's got the practical car already. Fair enough, I say. Can't blame him. So weekly I'm getting emails and links, everything from old Sciroccos, Benz 240s, and Grand Wagoneers. He thinks he wants a project, but guy doesn't wrench much, never has, and I don't think he's fully considered the headache.
One day he sent over a link to some Datsun 240Zs. I said if he was leaning 240Z and the rear-drive wedge profile, why not the FR-S or BRZ? Granted, he's been looking at used cars and has a budget. But I figure what good are friends if not to sanction reckless and self-indulgent acts? I said take the budget, use it for a nice down payment and some new shoes, and get yourself a low monthly on a truly cool car. In fact, get the FR-S or BRZ, sell the CR-V, then get an old Tacoma or F-150 for hauling.
I sent him some photos. His reaction? "A little too racer-guy for my tastes."
Aye. Just goes to show. I look at the FR-S and BRZ and see the old Z done in a modern style. My buddy looks at it and just sees Fast and Furious.
"You're probably right," I said. "You should just get that Solstice instead."

2012 Scion FR-S: The Firs and the Breeze