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Thread: First Owner of the FR-S in the US - Impression

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    First Owner of the FR-S in the US - Impression

    No it isn't me. This is the member pekingduck from ft86 club

    This thread will be dedicated to my impression of the car, aftermarket parts, and anything else. First off I am not the strongest writer so please, please be kind. I have been a car enthusiast for the past twelve years, with cars ranging from a Honda Accord, a Miata NA, a S2000 ap1, a BMW M3, a Rx7 FC, a bunch of really random utilitarian cars, and even a suzuki gsxr 600. I also have some track experiences with a lot of mountain driving. I have always loved the driving aspect of cars in general.

    I don't really have much to say about my first actual impression since I am still in the break-in period of the car. I guess I will break up my impression of the car to 3 parts:the exterior, interior, and driving impression. Everything is to my impression and my very limited exposure so far.

    The exterior of the car is nice, although I was not too fond of the styling initially. But, I guess after buying the car you begin to take a liking to it. The car exterior has a good fit and finish. I was told by a Toyota corporate representative that the hood is made of aluminum. The whiteout, you need see to see in person, because the pearl comes in very different color depending on how the light hits the car. It is true, what the other comments about the car say on how the car is very low from the roof line. The wheel gap really bothers me, but I will be fixing that soon.

    The car's interior is a lot better then I expected. I didn't like the placement of the center cup holder, but I found that most cups will fit on the side in the door panel. The radio for me, was a bit awkward to use and I had to get instructions on how to use the radio from Jeff at Longo Scion. I found the interior to be uncluttered while all the buttons were within easy reach. The seats are nice but I don't see the seat staying the way it is, especially if you live in a high dust environment. I am annoyed that the instrument panel lights up in different colors: I saw four different colors on the center console. one of the things that I really like about the car is the instrument cluster and the adjustable shift light. The steering wheel is well thought out and it's the perfect size for my large fingers

    The driving experience is what this car is all about. I found that this car was a bit lacking in power, although I have yet to bring it to redline. My experience from my first 86 test drive was that the power was a bit lacking. The power itself on the street is fine, but I feel that I will need more on the tracks. The steering is precise but I would like the steering to be a bit heavier. The driving position is very easy to find compared to many of the cars I have driven and I cannot stress that enough. I can actually feel that lower center of gravity when I drive the car, or least when I compare it to the other cars I've driven. The ride is firm and might not appeal to some drivers. I feel, overall, the car drives well. But that power is something I will need to resolve especially when I will go with a bigger wheel setup.

    I will posting other articles as I have time, I hope you enjoyed my review. It was hard to do, especially since I was writing through my phone.

    First personal photos of the car, lowered on Eibach Springs (Pro Kit):

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    Nice short review.

    It seems to me those who like to drive at the track will be slightly disappointed in the power output, otherwise for most people it should be enough for the street.

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    EXCLUSIVE! The First Scion FR-S in North America Delivered At Longo Scion!

    Posted on May 5, 2012 by Flipside909
    May 3, 2012 – El Monte, CA – It’s been a long wait, but history has been made. The first Scion FR-S (a.k.a. Toyota 86 & GT 86 outside of North America & Subaru BRZ globally) has been delivered to the first lucky enthusiast of the “First 86 Program”. Earlier this year at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, Scion USA announced a program where enthusiasts had a chance to be selected as one of the “First “86″ to purchase an FR-S. Well, the time has come, and the first of the lucky “First 86 Program” has taken delivery at the #1 Scion dealership, Longo Scion in Southern California.

    A little presentation was held before the “First 86″ owner was handed the keys. Tom Rundai, President and General Manager of Longo Toyota, Lexus & Scion presented the First 86 owner a few gifts including a special carbon fiber plaque by Five Axis commemorating the “First 86″ delivery, a special “First 86″ gift pack which included a numbered carbon fiber FR-S license plate frame, an FR-S pen and a few other goodies.

    Shortly thereafter, the fitted black FR-S cover was pulled off to reveal the first production Scion FR-S available for sale. The lucky owner had selected the pearl white exterior known as Whiteout (37J) mated with a proper Aisin TL70 6 speed manual transmission. After the keys were handed to the first FR-S owner, everyone gathered around to watch him get in the car and start it up for the first time. Shortly thereafter, the barrage of photographers surrounded the new FR-S owner to document the moment. A video crew was also on hand to interview the first Scion FR-S owner ever. Congratulations to the first Scion FR-S owner and his new delivery!

    For those anxiously waiting to get their hands on this hot new Scion, get in line because the “First 86″ are receiving their FR-S as we speak! The 2013 Scion FR-S will be available to the general public this Summer at your local Scion dealer.
    Special thanks goes out to Jeffrey Chang of Longo Scion, Tom Rudnai, President of Longo Toyota/Lexus/Scion and the folks at Scion USA for the opportunity to witness this historic event.

    Article & Photos by: Flipside909

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