Hypothesis Group and Q-Insights are research firms, and we’re conducting an important online research discussion to be conducted among coupe and hatchback owners.

The online groups will be held Monday, June 29th, through Wednesday, July 1st, and will last approximately 2 hours total. Please feel free to check us out at https://www.hypothesisgroup.com/#hypothesis or https://q-insights.com/

No one will try to sell you anything
either during the research or after. Participants will receive $150.00 as a “thank you” in appreciation of your time and feedback.

To learn more, call the Q-Insights team at the number below. They will ask you a few questions just to make sure we are talking to a variety of people and there is an opening in your category. If you’re interested, please call to be scheduled right away as discussion slots fill up quickly!

Please call Q-Insights at 1-866-566-5187
OR…email: [email protected]. Please indicate your current vehicle make, model, and year and provide the best contact number at which you can be reached.