wireless installation services

Onsite Engineers will install Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) (1) Router, or (1) Switch, (1) Wifi Access Point with (5) Cable runs of 150 Ft. each.
Material Included: 5 CAT 5e Plenum cables up to 150 Ft each, RJ45 jacks, faceplates and wall plates.

  • The technician will run the CAT 5e Plenum cables up to 150 Feet.
  • The technician will terminate the cable using RJ45 Jack and Wall Plate.
  • The technician will label the cable.
  • The technician will install the wall plate.
  • The technician will test the cable.

Router & Switch Installation:

  • Engineer will perform Rack & Stack of a pre-configured router and a switch.
  • Engineer will connect the cables on the router & switch as per the instructions provided by the customer.
  • Engineer will perform the connectivity testing.