This sticky is serving as a permanent notice to all new members of the FR-S forums that it is required that you read the Forum Rules before posting up to the forums. Please read the standard Forum Rules, the User Name, Avatar, and Signature Rules, and if you plan on buying, selling, or trading items here the Classified Forum Rules and Disclaimer.

Due to the nature of these forums where people are modifying their rides, there are a lot more members seeking to conduct business as compared to other automobile forums. As clearly outlined in the Forum Rules, only Supporting Vendors may conduct business of any kind in these forums, and that includes business names, web URLs, etc., used for user names, user titles, signatures, and the like. It has become an increasing problem in the FR-S forums with new members either reading the Forum Rules and choosing to ignore them, or not bothering to read the rules at all and posting business interests to the forums straight away. These same individuals most often become hostile when politely asked to change and/or remove business information from their personal profile or forum postings, and, frankly, it's beyond tiresome.

In perpetuity, this sticky serves as public notice that ignoring the rules or choosing not to read them and specifically posting up business information and links won't be treated with kid gloves anymore, and staff members will remove all material immediately, without notice, when found. Our intent isn't to make joining these forums uncomfortable or make people unwelcome, but in the end we need to protect the rights of our Supporting Vendors who pay for the privilege to advertise in the FR-S forums. Their participation allows regular members to enjoy the forums to seek out the service, repair, modification, or any other information they may need as FR-S owners. Thank you for your time and consideration, and enjoy the forums!