When starting a new thread or replying to any thread, just click on the Insert Image button... Name:  Upload picture button.jpg
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Size:  8.3 KB ...located among the other buttons at the top of your text edit window. You will have a choice of either loading items via your home computer, or through a image hosting service like Photobucket. When you click on the Insert Image button the edit window automatically opens with the From Computer tab already selected. Just click on Select Files, choose the file/files you want to use, then click on Upload and you're done. If you have images hosted on an image hosting service like Photobucket, then click on the From URL tab, enter your URL in the text window, and, most importantly, make sure to uncheck the box that says "Retrieve remote file and reference locally," then click on OK. If you do not uncheck that box your image will not display properly.

That's all there is to posting up images to the forums. If you have any questions just shoot me or one of the other staff members a private message and we'll respond as soon as possible. Thanks!