Hello anyone who is reading this post, I have just taken delivery of an FR-S 6 speed, with spoiler, Bespoke radio upgrade, and mudguards in the Whiteout. It is actually my first new car ever and I am very excited about it. It drives like a go-cart with a/c and gets lots of looks. I haven't had a chance to really take a trip in it yet but we are planning one in a few weeks. So for now I am just getting used to the car and the features. I read the owners manual (yes, really) and found that they recommend not reving over 4000 RPM until you have accumulated at least 1000 miles, so that has kept me from really playing with it much. I found a part number for the factory fog lamp bezels in Australia and will be fitting them as soon as they arrive. I couldn't get the factory fog lamp option from the dealer, he led me to believe that they are not available. Any have any info on this? When I complete the project I will post a few pictures and the sources for the parts in case anyone is interested. So I just wanted to introduce myself to the forum and now I look forward to exploring the site, thanks