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    Forum Rules

    1. No spam via postings, private message, avatar, or signature.

    1a. Spam includes but not limited to: Product or service offerings from a business or organization, including links to Facebook, blogs, or other internet forums not associated with Autoguide's suite of forums. No exceptions!

    2. No solicitation of any business or commercial websites are allowed (see Rule 1a) except for Official FR-S Vendors, no exceptions! For more information on how to become a vendor please contact Forum Administrators. Also, no links to competing forums, blogs, or other discussion groups is allowed.

    3. Please register only ONCE, if you would like to change your login information please contact Forum Administrators.

    4. Forum Administrators/Moderators have the right to modify/delete/move inappropriate forum postings without notice.

    5. Forum Administrators/Moderators have the right to modify/ban/remove forum member information without notice.

    6. Use the appropriate language.

    7. No double-post or cross-post is allowed.


    9. Ideas and opinions may be challenged, but NO personal attacks. Members will not flame, or else warning will be given and penalty will be served.

    10. Watch your action, or you will be given a warning, failure to follow instructions will result in a temporary ban (1-2 weeks).

    11. Group buys (including "gauging interest" threads) must be reviewed first by Forum Administrators (click here to contact) before posting, and authorization is not guaranteed.

    12. All For Sale or Parts Wanted threads will be created in the For Sale section. Any threads made outside the appropriate section will be moved the correct section without notice.

    13. No posting of threads/replies regarding street racing and/or how fast you drove above the speed limit on public roads. Any thread regarding street racing can and will be locked without notice. Also, drifting, when conducted on public roadways, will not be tolerated. The staff reserve the right to determine what is in violation of this rule, based on Forum Rules #4 and #5, no debate.

    14. If the topic does not relate to cars in general, please post it in the "Off-Topic" forum.

    15. No pornography/censored photo postings are allowed in public forums or work safe threads.

    16. There will be no posts or threads containing a direct link to Toyota Factory Service Manuals. All threads about any copyrighted Toyota material will be deleted. First offense will result in a warning, second a temporary ban, third a permanent ban. Also, links to pirated software of any kind will not be tolerated either.

    17. No threads requesting Carfax, Autocheck, or other car history reporting services, nor any solicitation of those services either.

    18. Everyone (including Guests, Registered Users, Moderators & Official Vendors) must follow the above rules unless specifically noted otherwise.
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